About us
About us

ТОВ Бетек

 BETEC is one of the largest growers and suppliers of fresh berries in the CIS and Europe. The company was founded in 2010. The core business of the company is cultivation of blueberry. 

Our main priority is the highest quality of the product. We use and follow all the modern technologies and processes of cultivation, harvesting, processing, packing and storage of our products and as result, our customers receive the products of highest quality.
We are strongly committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, thus, our project is being implemented with new management models, which provide a continuous improvement of all production processes.

Our blueberry plantation is located in a well-known and historically favorable area for growing berries – in the western part of Zhytomyr Region, Village of Barvynivka, Novohrad-Volynskyi District.
Our blueberry plantation is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Nowadays we have 325 ha of blueberry, 180 ha of them are bearing blueberry bushes. We have such blueberry varieties as Duke, Bluegold, Bluecrop, Chandler, Liberty, Elliott and Aurora.
In order to cultivate high quality blueberry, we choose plants with excellent genetic profile. We have fresh water reservoirs to supply the plants with the necessary moisture by means of drip irrigation. We use modern techniques to protect our blueberry crop from hail, rain and frosts.
Every stage within our production process is supported by professional agronomists as well as by the newest equipment.

Both the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the berries as well as the proper packaging and conservation in modern chilling rooms, are strictly controlled, meeting the quality standards required by the most demanding markets. We strictly control the whole production process from the crop until the final delivery of the berries.
BETEC strongly supports the development of the region. The company has favored the increase of the employment as well as the training regarding the different types of crops, specially focused on blueberries. Different varieties of blueberry allow us to prolong the harvest period from the end of June until the beginning of October.
Our packing house located on 3 600 m2 is designed and suitable for packing and cooling more than 3000 MT of berries per season and includes modern processing lines, large sorting and packaging areas, rapid cooling rooms and warehouses for the best storage of the product.