TM "Our berry"
TM "Our berry"

We are proud of cultivating and marketing one of the fruits with the highest amount of antioxidants, A and C vitamins, iron and potassium, which provide essential nutrients to the body that help prevent heart diseases, some types of cancer and, also, strengthen the immunologic system.
In order to develop and promote blueberry consumption on domestic market we created our own brand of packaged fresh berries with the name «OUR BERRY». We are working with such retailers like Auchan, Fozzy Group, REWE Group etc.


"Our Berry "- is a brand of packaged fresh berries of domestic production.

Fresh berries of TM " Our Berry " carefully collected on the plantation, packaged in convenient packaging, past the strict control of the European quality - a collection of tasty and healthy that agree in our time is not as common .


Everyone knows that the berries are a natural source of vitamins and minerals, but not always, this product is available to all , even in season. Company products manufacturer ТМ "Our Berry " - TOV " Betec " - is a leader in growing fruit crops , which provides and controls the full cycle of its own production and sales. Guarantee the quality of products is confirmed national and international certificates. The company controls distribution of products through its own fleet and produces distribution throughout Ukraine.


ТМ "Our Berry" - is:


• Natural , pure product grown in Ukraine;


• Berries are packed with 125 , 300 or 500 grams in convenient packaging with a lid that allows the buyer to quickly produce a purchase and be confident in its integrity and security;


• Taste of summer , fresh berries and useful for your entire family.


ТМ "Our Berry" - is your natural source of vitamins and minerals!